4 Ways To Darken Eyebrows

A well shaped, dark, beautiful eyebrow can totally change your look. It can make your eyes more attractive. Some people, unfortunately, have very little and light eyebrows. Sometimes it looks like they don’t have any eyebrows. Some people like to dye their eyebrows along with their hair with the same shade. But there are some ways to darken the eyebrows naturally without using the chemicals. Some useful methods to darken your eyebrows both naturally and chemically are given here, which you can try at your home.

1. Darkening Eyebrows with Dyes

Synthetic dyes are one of the best solutions to get beautiful dark eyebrows. The best way to do is at the saloon by a professional. But you can also do it by yourself. The procedure is-At first you have to buy a kit especially made for eyebrows dying and keep it mind that the kit should not be for hair.

You should be very careful about choosing the shade of the dye because the shade of the eyebrows is not exactly like the hair. It is normally a few shades lighter from the hair color.

If you choose the same shade of color both for your hair and eyebrows, it will look very unnatural.

Try to follow the instruction give on the kit exactly and mix the dye according to the instruction.

Apply the mixture and leave them for sometimes which is recommended by the instructor. Don’t keep it too long to get better results because it can harm your skin if it’s kept longer than usual.

When you are applying the dye in your eyebrows make sure that it stays away from your eyes and eyelashes. Because the dye can cause allergy or irritation in your eyes. Put some cotton in the eye area to protect them.

After rinsing off with warm water, the result will be visible.

2. Darkening the Eyebrows naturally:

Using high chemical is not always a good choice for your skin. If your skin is sensitive, the chemical can make it irritating. So in my opinion natural ways are the best. But to darken eyebrows in that way, you need to be a little bit patient because it could take a while.

Before going to bed take some Vaseline or castor oil on your finger and rub it till it gets a little warm.

Then massage your eyebrows and the side of eye areas with them for a few minutes.

Leave it for the rest of the night.

In the morning, rinse it off with clean water.

By following this procedure every night for one month, you will get darker eyebrows naturally.

3. Darkening Eyebrows using Make-up:

Those who want to darken their eyebrows temporarily can use various make-ups to do that. For this procedure you need to have eyeliner, mascara and eye-shadows and they are available in the market. This method only works for a days and it is not permanent at all.

At first you need to finish your eye make-up properly.

Then take the brush which comes with the mascara tube and just dip it one time in the tube.

Get the brush and rub it on the tube to get some mascara off.

Stroke the brush very gently on your eyebrows without any smearing. Try not to make it too dark or it will look so unnatural.

After that, with a bit touch up your eyes will look gorgeous.

4. Darkening Eyebrows using Eye-shadows:

This is the easiest way to darken your eyebrows temporarily, but the disadvantage is that it comes out very quickly.

To do this-You need to take a brush (which you use for applying eye shadow) and dip it in the similar color of your original eyebrows.

Gently stroke the brush with the shadow along the eyebrows and make them look fuller and darker.

Choose some lighter shades so that you don’t end up having odd and very dark eyebrows.

It is very important to keep your eyebrows shaped before applying those tricks. For perfectly shaped eyebrows, you need to adjust the contour and thickness of the eyebrows according to your face shape. A beautiful pair of eyebrows can lift you look into another level. So don’t ignore your eyebrows if you want to have a perfect look.