9 Amazing Moringa Tea Benefits

Moringa oleifiera is a green plant originated from the great Himalayas. Moringa tea is made from the crushed form of this plant. This green plant is full of amazing health benefits and healing qualities. It is packed with various health beneficiary ingredients. Such health benefits of moringa tea are as follows:

1) Anti cancer

Moringa tea is a great source of catechin polyphenol or EGCG that provides a protection against cancer. Cancer is a dangerous disease, but it can be prevented and consuming a good amount of moringa tea can be an aid to that. The ingredients of moringa tea kills the free radicals which cause cancer and it also hinders the rapid growth of cancer cells.

2) Fat Reducer

A fat free and slim body is desired by everyone. Less fat in our body provides a less disease prone body. It is very low in calorie and it can boost the metabolism of our body. It is rich in vitamin B which properly breaks down the food we take and converts them to energy without turning them into fat.

3) Oral health

Moringa tea is very helpful for our oral health. It can cure tooth decay. The antibacterial properties of moringa tea prevents any kind of bacterial formation in our teeth. It also helps us to get rid of bad breath and freshens our mouth.

4) Hair care

Moringa tea provides vitamin C which can reduce the hair fall. Having a large amount of vitamin A, moringa tea gives our hair to grow better and stronger.

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5) Visonary health

Moringa tea is a good source of beta carotene and lutein. These compounds are found in our retina. Drinking moringa tea regularly can boost our sight as it supplies our retina with a good amount of beta carotene and lutein.

6) Women’s health

Women went through some hormonal changes in their body at different stages of their life. During any hormonal change period like at the stage of menopause, drinking moringa tea can aid their body relaxation to go through the change. Moringa tea is also known for its calming effect. It is a very good agent to relax women’s internal muscles. It can aid women when they face severe abdominal pain and bloating during the menstrual period.

7) Skin problem

The skin is the largest organ of the body and it need special care because it is always exposed to damage and pollution. Moringa tea can be a great way to look after our skin. It provides various antioxidants that cleanse our skin and make it healthy. It also has an anti ageing effect on the skin as it helps to remove the wrinkles and scar marks from our skin.

8) Controls Diabetes

Moringa tea can control the diabetes in our body. It is enriched with absorbing acids that can control the production of the insulin. Consuming moringa tea can also help us to maintain our blood sugar levels in control which in result keeps our diabetes under control.

9) Fertility health

Moringa tea provides us a good amount of vitamin D. Vitamin D can boost the sperm count in a male body. On the other hand the antioxidants present in moringa tea also improves the ovarian health of a woman. Thus, drinking moringa tea can be very beneficial to the people who are suffering from infertility.