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Trouble Sleeping

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Hypnosis? What on earth can that do for my insomnia I hear you say!.. Read on and you will see that for yourself! At some time or other in our lives, almost everyone will acknowledge difficulties with their sleep. The causes can vary significantly from a physical challenge, for example toothache or a poor back, […]

Natural remedies for brittle nails

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In any season, the nails suffer external attacks that make them brittle, rough and dry. This can also happen by poor nutrition resulting in nutrient deficiencies, abuse of chemicals like nail polish remover, detergents or cleaning supplies, among other things. Quite often notice that your nails are dehydrated, are opaque and break easily, something that […]

Laser Hair Treatment Overview

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Laser hair treatment is a non-surgical procedure for women and men who experience excessive hair loss. Also referred to as cold or soft lasers, this treatment does not employ heating techniques and instead the therapeutic effect of low level light lasers is made use of. Laser therapy was first developed in Europe and is used […]

4 Ways To Darken Eyebrows

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A well shaped, dark, beautiful eyebrow can totally change your look. It can make your eyes more attractive. Some people, unfortunately, have very little and light eyebrows. Sometimes it looks like they don’t have any eyebrows. Some people like to dye their eyebrows along with their hair with the same shade. But there are some […]

9 Amazing Moringa Tea Benefits

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Moringa oleifiera is a green plant originated from the great Himalayas. Moringa tea is made from the crushed form of this plant. This green plant is full of amazing health benefits and healing qualities. It is packed with various health beneficiary ingredients. Such health benefits of moringa tea are as follows: 1) Anti cancer Moringa […]

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