Some people see the Attorney General as nothing more than the Commonwealth’s top lawyer. I see it differently. I believe the office can be more.

Often the last line of defense against violent crime, fraud and other serious threats to Pennsylvania families, the Attorney General should be the people's protector.

The Attorney General should be a leader. Someone who understands the importance of fighting crime and has a strong record as a prosecutor. Someone who has made our laws tougher. Someone who has made law enforcement more effective by providing the necessary tools to fight crime.

The Attorney General must have integrity and conviction. New scandals surrounding public officials surface all the time. The public has lost faith in our government. It’s up to the Attorney General to restore that faith -  leading by example and throwing corrupt politicians in jail.

The Attorney General should enforce our laws fairly - that means going after criminals on the street, in the corporate boardroom and in Harrisburg. Everyone deserves equal protection under the law, and it's the responsibility of the Attorney General to make sure that's the case in Pennsylvania.

And it’s not enough to just punish crime. We need to prevent crime before victims are harmed. The Attorney General should be aggressive and proactive. Tough and smart on crime. Deeply committed to developing new and innovative ways to keep our communities safe.

My father was a Philadelphia Police Officer for 22 years. I volunteered to serve our country in combat because I wanted to bring to justice the terrorists responsible for killing innocent Americans on September 11th. As a military and federal prosecutor, I put dangerous criminals behind bars including terrorists bent on killing American soldiers. I’m passionate about enforcing our laws and protecting Pennsylvanians. I’ve dedicated my entire life to it.

As Attorney General, I’ll stop at nothing to keep you and your family safe.

I hope you will join our fight.

Fighting Crime

Patrick’s top priority as Attorney General will be to aggressively target violent criminals and get them off the street.

Protecting Consumers and Taxpayers

Patrick will crack down on criminals trying to take advantage of consumers and taxpayers, and will be a champion for victims of financial crime.

Preserving the Environment

Patrick will fight for tough enforcement of common sense laws that protect our environment.

Defending our Rights

Patrick will fight to ensure that every man and woman is afforded equal protection under the law.

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