Natural remedies for brittle nails

In any season, the nails suffer external attacks that make them brittle, rough and dry. This can also happen by poor nutrition resulting in nutrient deficiencies, abuse of chemicals like nail polish remover, detergents or cleaning supplies, among other things.

Quite often notice that your nails are dehydrated, are opaque and break easily, something that frustrates those who like to have impeccable hands with manicure. In this post I show how you can solve this problem simply with safe ingredients that you have at home, take note of these natural remedies:

Lemon juice and olive oil

This particular combination has always proved to be very effective for dry, brittle nails. Mix some lemon juice with a teaspoon of olive oil, then apply a few drops on the nails and massage well. Ponte manicure gloves and let this natural remedy act overnight.

Sea salt

Brittle nails can be treated with sea salt to this mixture 2 teaspoons sea salt with 2 drops of lemon juice, 2 myrrh oil, 2 drops of wheat germ oil and 2 oil incense.

Pour into a small bowl with warm water and dip your hands into. Leave to soak for about 15 minutes.

Vegetable oil

To reap the benefits of vegetable oil you have to put a few drops (any oil, preferably olive or almond) on a cotton ball and apply it on the nail, leaving for a few minutes while massaging gently.

Vegetable oil gives nails needed moisture for them to recover, plus massage improves blood circulation in this area. Make the treatment three times per day.

Tea tree oil

The tea tree oil has a lot of benefits for your body, and not only make your nails are stronger, but prevents mitotic infections. Therefore, rubbing the tea tree oil to the nails several times a day.

Vitamin E oil

This is another natural remedy for brittle nails. I just have to do is click a capsule of vitamin E and gently massage the content on the nails before going to sleep, then put yourself manicure gloves and leave overnight positions.