Welcome to the 2015 Winter collection

My name is Murphy Forpa. I am originally from South Africa but I moved to Los Angeles at a young age and I am currently living in Los Angeles. My native language is English but I have never been good at writing so this blog may not be the best in terms of grammar and sentence structure. I am not a journalist but I will try to keep my writing at least coherent so my viewers and follows will be able to follow.

I used to be a model and posed for many different fashion magazines. I also set up a fashion or picture blog where I posted my pictures. Of course, I was not allowed to post some of the pictures due to copyright issues. However, I did post every photo whenever I was allowed to, but contractual terms.

I have abandoned my other website due to viruses and some other issues. Then I set up this website to communicate with my followers and post more about my life. The most recent update about me is that I am trying to set up a fashion magazine. My agents and I are currently trying to come up with a name. We are also running a contest, in which any viewer is allowed to suggest names. If we pick yours, we will pay you 500 dollars. That is a great deal. If you send multiple names, we will randomly pick one and enter it into the drawing. After that, we will look at all the names and we will either pick none, or pick one. If we pick none, then obviously there are no winners. However, if we pick yours, then you get the reward.

I am also currently studying photography at a local college. The courses are very interesting and every course opens your eyes to an aspect about which you had never thought. That is the reason I enjoy most of my courses. The classes also do not have much in terms of exams. They are mostly projects and the projects are interesting and fun. I would like to speak to my father, who is a Los Angeles dog bite lawyer about all my successes. He never believed in my profession, but I want to tell him that photography is essential to fashion, because every model needs to have nice photos taken of them. If someone understands this area, then they will be able to criticize the photographs. At least, that is my opinion. Right now, I feel like I am not too knowledgeable about this field and I would like to gain more knowledge about it. Another page that talked about this is dog bite lawyer in San Diego.

Whenever you get a chance, you can also check out my school. The name of the school is Brooks Institute. You can also look at the Transfer Admission Planner for University of California.

I am aware that maintaining a blog requires a great deal of time. For example, look at a blog like rabies website. You have to always update it, post new articles and pictures, and moderate all the comments. Also, you have to make sure your platform is updated to the latest. You have to pay for your domain, and if anything goes wrong, you have to contact technical support and waste your time fixing issues. Many people today are completely switching to social media instead of blogs. There are many positive aspects to that. For example, you will never have to worry about renewing your hosting because the site already does it for you. You will never have to worry about technical difficulties because the people behind the scenes always fix problems quickly. Since these platforms have many users, such problems are reported and fixed quickly. However, I personally would rather avoid social media and focus and having a blog. The reason is that blogs feel more personal. In addition, I can have control over all the features. If I need a feature and that feature does not exist in Instagram, then there is nothing I can do. However, if I need a feature in my blog, I can easily install it, or have my web master do it for me.

If you are ready to pick a name for my magazine, go ahead and submit it through the contact form. Just click on the Contact tab above and fill in the information. Every entry will be reviewed and receive a response. Even if your entry does not win, you will still receive an appreciation note.

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